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Learn the truth behind health headlines. Starring Dr. John of Denver’s 9News and Murphy Huston, this podcast offers the inside story on health news.

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    Meet Rachel Kobelt, an Options Counseling specialist from DRCOG.  Rachel speaks about falls, and how serious falls can be for seniors.  Dr. John notes that a fall can be a […]

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    This week, Nicole O’Connor joins Jayla, Dr. John and Murphy on No Copay Radio.  Nicole is the Program Manager of Energy Outreach Colorado, a non-profit organization that raises funds to […]

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    Jayla from DRCOG introduces us to Carol Buchanan from DRMAC (Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council). Carol explains how DRMAC works with other community and transportation providers to coordinate and […]

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    This week, Jayla Sanchez Warren introduces the Executive Director of DRCOG (Denver Regional Council of Governments, Jennifer Schlaufele. The Area Agency on Aging is one of the divisions of DRCOG […]