Podcast Episode 3: Milk (the good, the bad, the confusing).

This week on No CopayMilk Radio is NOT about Ebola (finally).  New studies have just come out about why drinking too much milk might be shortening your lifespan.  But wait, we’ve been told since the 70’s that we should drink milk to be healthy.  Dr. John gives us the scoop behind the headline and tells us if we should change our dairy habits.

Also, new studies might show that laughter is actually the best medicine. Then, in our trade secret of the week, Dr. John talks about diet sodas.  Is there anything “diet” about them? Tune in to find out!

Finally, this week we’re premiering a special segment called “Medical Oddities” where we talk about a little known piece of weird medicine.  This week is all about pica.


If you’d like to check out the studies discussed in this episode, the links are below!

Recent studies about milk are here and here.

An article going in depth on diet soda can be found here.