Podcast Episode 4: Working on the night shift and the Salem witch trials

News headstemilt-granny-smith-applelines last week talked about how working the night shift can age your brain.  In this episode, Dr. John goes into detail about what this actually means and if you should be worried.  He also covers the recent research on how gut bacteria can influence your weight.

This week’s trade secret is all about granny smith apples.  Are they the king of the apple world? Maybe, but they do have some unique health benefits.

Our last segment of the day is both a story of medical history and a medical oddity.  Do you really know what happened at the Salem Witch Trials? Tune in and find out.

If you’d like to check out the headlines discussed in this episode, the links are below!


News on the night shift can be found here.

News on gut bacteria is here.