Podcast Episode 9: Was Typhoid Mary a Super-Spreader?

In this weemary mallon in hospital bedk’s episode, Dr. John covers the news headlines on how we lose weight.  Turns out fat is actually breathed out of the body.  But what does that mean for you?  Dr. John also talks about the seasonal spice Nutmeg and why too much of it could actually spell disaster for your holidays.  Be sure to measure out your nutmeg carefully and tune in to find out why it can be so dangerous!


Dr. John’s trade secret for the week takes a page from his grandmother’s handbook.  She will turn 102 in a few months and may be dialed in on the key to growing old.  But don’t think this is all anecdotal, there’s a new scientific study to back her up.


Finally, Dr. John is joined by our producer/editor Allee to talk about super-spreaders in this week’s medical moment.  Turns out 20% of people spread 80% of disease.  This week, we use this new information to explain the curious case of Typhoid Mary.  Was she America’s first known super-spreader?


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And as always, check in with us next Tuesday for a new episode!