Podcast Episode 18: UCLA superbug, the chances of getting cancer, and Blackbeard

Thisucla week on No Copay Radio, Dr. John talks about the UCLA “superbug”, also known as CRE.  How did this outbreak start?  Why was it such a big deal?  Tune in and find out!

Also in the news this week, new expected rates of cancer are out and they’re a little surprising.  Turns out, scientists think that 1 in 2 people will get cancer in their lifetimes.  Why are these rates so high?

For this week’s trade secret, Dr. John talks about the impact that music has on the brain.  Did you know that listening to music while meeting new people makes it harder to remember their names?

In Medical Moments, we look back in history to get a glimpse of the pirate life.  What kind of medicine did the infamous Blackbeard have for his crew?  The glamorous view on pirate life never really touches on some of the more… interesting medical practices of the time.


Want to learn more about today’s stories?

Read about UCLA’s superbug outbreak here.

Read more about cancer rates here.


And as always, check in with us next Tuesday for a new episode!