Podcast Episode 19: Why is your teenager always sleeping?

peanut butterThis just in! Teenagers are tired all the time.  Okay, maybe not breaking news, but did you know that teenagers aren’t getting anywhere near the amount of sleep that they need? Dr. John and his cohost are here to tell you why and what the possible problems are from your teen not getting enough sleep.  While you can lead a teen to bed but you can’t make him sleep, they give you a few ideas on how to help him get in the sleeping spirit.

Also in this week’s headlines, ever noticed how more and more kids are allergic to peanuts?  Scientists think they may have found the reason.  Dr. John talks about the new recommendations to prevent your kiddo from developing a peanut allergy.

In trade secrets, around 40% of the country takes a vitamin supplement.  Dr. John talks about how some vitamin supplements can actually harm you.  So how do you know which ones to take? Tune in and find out!

Finally, in this week’s medical moment, Dr. John and Murphy talk about the infamous Shock Experiments and what they tell us about human psychology.


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And as always, check in with us next Tuesday for a new episode!