Podcast Episode 20: Head transplants?

Sad boy with headphones not liking song choiceThis week on No Copay Radio, Dr. John and his cohost Murphy talk about the news headline that stated that heavy use of headphones might be causing people to go deaf.  What are the new recommendations?  Are earbuds as bad as over-the-ear headphones? Stay tuned and find out!

Also this week, cigarette smoking may be even worse than we previously thought.  Now, scientists are saying that smoking kills 2 out of every 3 smokers.  How can you reduce your odds?

For this week’s trade secret, we all know that losing weight is good for us, but what specifically does it help?  The extra health benefits of losing weight might make it worth the extra effort.

In our medical moment, Dr. John and Murphy talk about the recent declaration that head transplants might be possible in as little as two years.  Is this actually going to be in our immediate future?  Maybe not, but keep an eye out for any new surgeons in town going by the name Frankenstein…


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And as always, check in with us next Tuesday for a new episode!