Podcast Episode 27: Is Facebook Making you Depressed?

Dr. Max

Dr. Max Wachtel @mwachtel

Forensic psychologist Dr. Max Wachtel joins the show this week to talk to Dr. John about Facebook-linked depression and the weird psychology behind our driving habits.

But before we get to the medical moment, Dr. John and Murphy go into this week’s health headlines.   Studies now show that exercise isn’t the most important part of losing weight.  Much to Murphy’s dismay, it turns out that diet is much more important.

Also this week, were you that wiggly kid in school that just couldn’t sit still? Studies now show that letting kids with ADHD wiggle away could be linked to better performance in school.

For our trade secret, Dr. John talks about the ways that your driving-commute is negatively impacting your health.  What can you do to lessen these effects (short of quitting – Murphy’s suggestion, not the official advice of the podcast)? Tune in and find out!

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