Podcast Episode 29: Vaccinating for the measles is more important than we thought

Leonid Rogozov - The subject of this week's Medical Moment

Leonid Rogozov – The subject of this week’s Medical Moment

Kids who get measles are more likely to get sick from other causes. Turns out, the measles gives our immune system “amnesia”.  Why does this matter? Are vaccinations enough to prevent this? Dr. John tells us, and Murphy, all about it.

Also this week in the news, autism may not actually be on the rise.  We keep hearing about how autism is becoming a bigger and bigger problem, but this rise in cases may be due more to an increase in diagnoses rather than an increase in actual cases.  Dr. John and Murphy tell us all about it.

For this week’s trade secret, do you have a hard time falling asleep? The 4-7-8 technique may help you fall asleep, although Murphy seems to be a little skeptical.

Ever heard the one about the doctor in Antarctica who cut out his own appendix? We wish that was a joke. In this week’s medical moment, Dr. John tells us the story of the Russian physician who took out his own appendix while stranded in Antarctica (and you thought Bear Grylls was crazy).

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