Podcast Episode 32: How do you like your placenta?

camelStudies came out this week telling us that the (admittedly somewhat gross) trend of women eating their placenta after giving birth actually has no health benefits.  Will this stop the trend? Only time will tell.  Dr. John and Murphy have fun discussing this topic and tell us the origin of the practice.

Also this week, Dr. John catches us up on the MERS outbreak in South Korea.  Is this something to be worried about?

For our trade secret, Dr. John tells us how “your office is trying to kill you”.  What are some office behaviors that you could probably do without? Tune in and find out.

This week in medical moments, why did Dr. John keep almost saying “SARS” instead of “MERS” during today’s health headlines? Well, turns out that this MERS outbreak is strangely reminiscent of an outbreak that happened in recent history.

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