Podcast Episode 34: America Hates Sunscreen

Stanford Prison ExperimentDid you know that over 2/3 of Americans don’t use sunscreen on a regular basis? It also turns out that men are more likely to use sunscreen on their bodies while women are more likely to use it on their face.  The study also shows that people with dark skin are less likely to use sunscreen, but they need it just as much as the rest of the population.  Dr. John and Murphy talk about the rest of the findings of the study and why you should most definitely wear sunscreen.

Also in the news this week, online symptom checkers are only accurate 1/3 of the time.  As Dr. John explains, these websites aren’t very good ad diagnosing non-life-threatening illnesses.  Is using these symptom checkers making you go to the doctor more than you actually need to? Tune in and find out.

For this week’s trade secret, what signs and symptoms do you NEVER WANT TO IGNORE? Dr. John gives us the low-down on what pains you should pay attention to and what pains aren’t as big of a deal.  There may be some symptoms on the list that surprise you.

In this week’s medical moment, Dr. John and Murphy talk about the Stanford Prison Experiment to celebrate the theater premier of The Stanford Prison Experiment.  What was this infamous experiment and why is it so well remembered? Dr. John tells us all about it.

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