Podcast Episode 38: Cancer Headlines

breast cancerNew updates are out on who should get mammograms and when. The problem is, the headlines covering these updates have been confusing pretty much everyone. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists say that women should start getting mammograms at age 40, the American Cancer Society is recommending to change the age to 45, and the US Preventative Service Task Force is saying 50.  Why does it matter that the age recommendations are different? Insurance companies might stop covering the procedure for women aged 40-45 or even 40-50.  Dr. John explains why it is usually pretty hard to get insurance companies to pay for mammograms under the age of 40 when a person has a higher chance of breast cancer. Hopefully this doesn’t lead to insurance companies being difficult about covering the procedure for women under the age of 50.  On top of it all, Murphy brings up a good point; where are the recommendations for breast cancer screening for men? As a breast cancer survivor, Murphy talks about how difficult it was to get treatment as a man with a seemingly “woman disease”. Should insurance companies have the right to refuse coverage of a medical treatment or prescription that the doctor and patient have agreed on?

You’ve also probably heard (i.e. been beaten over the head) this last week about how meat is going to give us all cancer. Taking a step back from the chaos, what are these studies actually showing?  We’ve always known that we, as a country, eat too much processed meats. Now, science is showing that anything over 50g of processed meat can increase your chance of getting colorectal cancer. BUT, while the chances of getting colorectal cancer increase by 18%, the number of people who will get colorectal cancer is still pretty low. So, is it a good idea to cut down on your daily breakfast of 50 strips of bacon? Tune in and hear Dr. John’s recommendations. (Murphy might not be a fan of this particular piece of advice…)

People say that this new generation of kids is the coddled, trophy generation. Is this making kids unhappy? Is something else going on? What should parents do to make their kid’s lives a little bit better? Our good friend Dr. Max Wachtel is back to talk about why parents try to make their kids happy and what we could all do a little bit better.

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