Live on the Radio February 25th

This week, Jayla brings two of her staff from the Ombudsman Program at the Area Agency on Aging to explain the invaluable service that Ombudsman can provide patients and their families when they are considering a nursing home or assisted living facility.  As Murphy learns early on, Ombudsman is simply a word for an “advocate”.

Jennifer Reeves is currently a nursing home Ombudsman with DRCOG.  She explains how the AAA Ombudsman Program can help people to determine which long term care facility to select.  Jennifer tells us what some of the key indicators of red flags are in nursing homes and how to evaluate a facilities strengths and weaknesses.  Ombudsmen are also there to help residents address their issues of concern with the nursing home and assist in coming up with solutions.

Also meet Sara Friesen, an Ombudsman from DRCOG who tells us about their advocacy role in assisted living facilities.  She explains that originally, assisted living facilities were formed to accommodate people that required light care.  As a result, there are no federal regulations, only state regulations for assisted living residences.  Now people with higher levels of need are moving into assisted living facilities and the state regulations are significantly behind.  One area discussed is that there is a significant level of care and education required by employees who take care of patients with increased needs.

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