Live on the Radio April 1st

Welcome to Robert Vogel, M.D. He is a preventative cardiologist at the University of Colorado Denver, where he is a Clinical Professor of Medicine. Among his many credentials, Dr. Vogel serves as a consultant to the Pritikin Longevity Institute and Co-Chair of the National Football League Subcommittee on Cardiovascular Disease. Dr. Vogel reflects that 61% of men and 48% of women will have a heart attack or stroke in their lifetime. The US does not do well with heart disease. Dr. Vogel counters with a discussion of the various aspects of choosing a healthy lifestyle. Will heart disease ever be cured? You might be surprised by Dr. Vogel’s response.

Joining us today is Dr. Noah Kaufman. Dr. Kaufman is an ER doctor in Fort Collins. As a climber, one of his many interests is as a participant in the TV show Ninja Warrior. He has participated in the show for the past 5 years. Dr. Kaufman is President of the Wolfpack Ninja Tour and he tells us about the event at Magness arena on April 29/30th to benefit the Children’s Hospital. Want to try out being a Ninja Warrior at that event? Dr. Kaufman tells us how everyone can give it a try.

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