Live on the Radio April 8th

This week Murf and Jayla introduce Noomi Hirsch, Operations Director for Lutheran Medical Center. She manages a wide variety of activities at Lutheran such as Risk Management, Patient Safety, Infection Prevention and Quality Data analysis just to mention a few. Today, Noomi discusses Lutheran’s introduction of the Biovigil process, a unique technology that tracks how often doctors and nurses wash their hands. This innovative device is a badge that each caregiver wears which reflects if the caregiver washed their hands before entering the room. After all, handwashing is the ultimate way to reduce transfer of germs. Sick patients already come to the hospital with compromised health so it is important to prevent further complications. Does it work? Just listen in.

In our second segment, a good friend stops in to say hello. Luan Akin was a reporter for KCNC for many years and she is currently the Garden Outreach Ambassador for Tagawa Gardens. Lu is a master gardener. She believes gardening helps one’s soul while burning calories at the same time. A great stress reliever, Luan tells us that anyone can garden. She gives us tips on how to garden in almost any location and gardening precautions, especially for seniors. Get with the season and get going!

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