Live on the Radio April 15th

Today, a good friend stops in to say hello. Luan Akin was a reporter for KCNC for many years and she is currently the Garden Outreach Ambassador for Tagawa Gardens. Lu is a master gardener. She believes gardening helps one’s soul while burning calories at the same time. A great stress reliever, Luan tells us that anyone can garden. She gives us tips on how to garden in almost any location and gardening precautions, especially for seniors. Get with the season and get going!

Jayla introduces Amanda Gregg, Director of Membership for A Little Help. A Little Help is a non-profit organization with a simple mission; connect neighbors to help seniors thrive. A Little Help fosters community by connecting elders with services and resources as they navigate the unknowns of aging and build meaningful connections with neighbors of all ages.  Amanda tells us A Little Help is sponsoring a festival called Engaging in Aging to provide workshops on mindfulness, physical movement and a panel discussion surrounding caregiving. The festival is at the Mile Hi Church on May 17th between 10am and 2pm and is Murphy’s favorite word – FREE.

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