Live on the Radio April 22nd

Jayla brings A.J. Diamontopoulos, the director of Business Development at DRCOG Area Agency on Aging to educate us about the Accountable Health Communities Grant that was just awarded AAA. This $4.5 million grant will help our Area Agency on Aging study and document the bridge between medical care and community services. This will be the first time to explore this concept and to streamline the process. It is critical to determine the social determinants of health and the medical and financial benefits to the individual and to society. Can we save money and improve the health of our community at the same time? What a novel idea!

Dr. Jacci Bainbridge from the University of Colorado faculty joins us to discuss a hot topic in Colorado; medical marijuana (Cannabis). Dr. Bainbridge explains some of the differences between medical and recreational cannabis. Did you know the use of cannabis for anxiety has a different result to the general population as compared to the anxiety for dementia patients? How about as a sleep aid? Is there a difference between adolescence and adult use? UC Health is conducting the 1st comparative trial between Cannabis and Oxycodone. Dr. Bainbridge discusses all of these issues and more.

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