Live on the Radio April 29th

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Jayla and Murphy introduce Leah McMahon, who recently accepted the position of the State PACE Ombudsman at Disability Law Colorado. There are 116 PACE Programs (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) in 32 states serving over 40,000 adults. In Colorado, PACE has 4 service providers such as Innovage. Here’s how it works. An individual gives all of their Medicare money to the service provider, and the provider takes care of all of the individual’s health and wellness needs. The goal is to help individuals live and stay in their homes through comprehensive care coordination.

Meet Nick Edwards, a renowned Exercise Physiologist who is on the Faculty in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Colorado. He is the Director of the Exercise-Medicine Integration Program at UC Health. Nick explains the philosophy of why exercise is medicine. This fascinating program is focused on delivering exercise and clinical care at the same time in the same clinic. Both the clinical care and the exercise strategies are individualized to reduce the amount of care necessary and lower their costs over a period of time. And the program is available to everyone! Find out more from Nick.

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