Live on the Radio May 27th

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Sara Friesen, an Ombudsman Supervisor with DRCOG’s Area Agency on Aging joins Murphy today to inform us in detail about the role and services provided by Ombudsman. Ombudsmen are resident advocates for clients living in assisted living and nursing home facilities. They can help clients and families locate the proper facility based upon the care, needs and desires of their clients. Once they become residents, Ombudsmen are dedicated to working out problems based upon the residents’ desires. Sara tells us more about some of the roadblocks that residents face and about some of the top complaints that Ombudsmen receive.

Murf’s ol’ buddy from 9 News, Gregg Moss, stops by to chat. Currently the Director of Mile Hi Church, Gregg relates his story of being diagnosed with a rare form of Psoriatic Arthritis and the process he went through to manage the disease. Gregg discovered he wanted alternatives to compliment the strong medications he was required to take. Gregg introduces us to Jody Whitley, who talks about how spirituality is one of those alternatives. Spirituality can empower us to play a major role in our own health. Find out what other alternatives Gregg found that assisted him in his journey.

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