Live on the Radio June 10th

stethoscope with stroke sign

Our first guest today is Chris Lee. Chris is the President and CEO of Colorado Visiting Nurses Association. The history of the agency is amazing. Started as the Denver Flower Mission, CVN is the 1st Home Health Agency in the state. 128 years old! The non-profit organization is committed to a continuum of health care in the home and community to support optimal well-being, independence, and dignity for their clients and families. Chris explains the different levels of in home health care. His organization sees 30,000 patients per year with 120,000 home visits. Chris also explains how he sees the organization growing and accommodating the dramatic increase in Colorado’s senior population by 2030.

Dr. William Jones, Director of the new Stroke Program at the University of Colorado Hospital, joins Murf and Jayla to provide us with the latest information on strokes and the new program he has developed called the Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit. Dr. Jones explains that strokes are the #1 cause of adult disability and the 5th most common cause of death in the US. Learn about how to recognize the symptoms of stroke with the acronym- FAST…Face, Arms, Speech and Time. Remember this…it may save your or someone else’s life. Also learn about the Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit, a national test being run in only 3 or 4 locations to determine the viability of this great idea. Dr. Jones also explains his implementation of the 1st Telestroke Program in Colorado which is now part of the MSTU.

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