Live on the Radio July 1st

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Back with us this week is Dr. Noah Kaufman, an Emergency Room doc at the UC Health Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, and our own American Ninja Warrior Doc. In our first segment, Noah gives us valuable health tips for summers in Colorado. Learn more about dehydration, some of the symptoms you should recognize and misconceptions people have about dehydration. Murf is most interested in the dehydration preventing abilities of beer!

Dr. Kaufman reminds us about sunscreens as a preventative to sunburn and skin cancer. What are some of the dos and don’ts for sunscreens? He also urges us to ease into any kind of workout or exercise when we are outside enjoying Colorado sunshine.

Our second segment discusses Urgent Care vs. Emergency Care. Noah explains what are the front end and back end differences in each facility. Emergency Care facilities are set up for specialists trained in emergency medicine with significantly more specialized equipment to treat critical health issues. It’s very important to have an advance understanding about which facility and where you will go as getting proper treatment in time can be very important.

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