Live on the Radio July 8th

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Peter Komlos-Hrobsky introduces Murf and Jayla to Colorado Legal Services. Peter has been with the organization since 1990 and supervises the Health/Elder Law and Public Benefits units. The organization is a non-profit that provides low income and seniors over 60 high-quality, civil legal services in Colorado. Peter explains the patchwork of general civil legal work they provide to include areas such as: disability, public housing, landlord-tenant services, ID assistance, consumer fraud, and working on a bankruptcy unit. Fees can be moderated to your income and in some instances are free for seniors. If you think you may have a legal problem, Peter tells you how and what to do.

Welcome back to Jacci Bainbridge, or as Murf calls her, the Marijuana Maven. Jacci tells us about two medical cannabis trials at UC Health funded by the Colorado Health Department. She discusses the trial for Parkinson’s disease Tremors and although early in the trial, it looks positive from some aspects. They are accepting trial participants age 45-78 if you have interest. Murf and Jayla also visit with Jacci about cannabis and Alzheimer’s disease. Also learn about the hazards of cannabis and the developing brain which can cause the loss of at least 10 IQ points for chronic users at an early age.

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