Live on the Radio July 15th

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Jayla’s boss, Doug Rex, joins us this week. Doug is the Acting Director of the Denver Regional Council of Governments, and also leads the transportation, planning and operations division of the organization. Doug tells us about DRCOG; it’s not government, it’s not industry, it’s a volunteer association of the 56 local governments in the Denver Metro Region. Representatives from all 56 governments meet twice per month to discuss issues on transportation and aging in our metro area. Doug, Jayla and Murf discuss the current and long term challenges that Denver faces. Can you believe that in the next 20 years, the population of the area will increase by 1.2 million people? Find out some of the methods that DRCOG hopes to use to address these issues.

Our next guest is Dr. John Corboy. Dr. Corboy is a Professor of Neurology at the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine and the Co-Director of the Rocky Mountain MS Center. His specialty is MS or Multiple Sclerosis. Dr. Corboy gives us many of the facts about MS. Does Colorado have a high rate of MS? What are some of the symptoms? Do genetics play a role? Is the medical world progressing regarding treatments for MS patients? Dr. Corboy addresses these issues and more.

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