Live on the Radio July 22nd

homeless old man on bus bench

Ted Pascoe, Executive Director of Senior Support Services, joins Jayla and Murphy in today’s first interview.  Ted explains the vast scope of Senior Support Services, Denver’s only day shelter for hungry and homeless seniors.  In addition to serving 3 meals each day, they provide a variety of services for their clients:  help clients get affordable housing, transportation, access to healthcare and mental healthcare, a clothing bank.  It’s really one-stop shopping for the most abject seniors in our community.  Unfortunately 25% of their clients are vets.  Find out more about their services and how you can help.

Meet Karey Goebel, yoga aficionado extraordinaire.   Karey explains that in the West, yoga is thought of as stretching exercises.  In reality, yoga is much more than that.  In its truest form, it represents the relationship between mind, body and spirit.  Breathing is a key aspect of yoga, guides you to be in the present moment, and helps to relieve stress, anxiety and even depression.  Karey tells Murf that yoga is good for all ages and fitness abilities.  It’s great for people recovering from surgery or illness.  In fact, the fastest growing group of people trying out yoga now is people over 50.  Want to improve your flexibility, strength, mobility and balance while calming your nerves?  Then take a deep breath and give yoga a try.

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