Live on the Radio July 29th

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Jeffrey Nathanson, an entrepreneur in the health industry and President of 10.10.10 joins us with a fascinating story about the concepts:  10 Perspective CEO’s, 10 Wicked Problems, in 10 Days.  Here’s the concept.  10.10.10 selects 10 Wicked Problems that they don’t think government or non-profits will solve.  They then recruit 10 experienced CEO’s who are looking for their next major endeavor, and give them 10 days to come up with market based solutions.  Interesting?  You bet.  Listen up!

Joining us again from DRCOG is Jennifer Reeves, a long-term ombudsman for the Area Agency on Aging.  Jennifer tells us a frightening fact; something like one in two residents in a nursing home does not get a single visitor in a year!  Many times friends or relatives don’t know what to do or how to act when they go to the nursing home.  Jennifer provides us with a variety of options to consider to make your visit more comfortable and more meaningful.

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