Live on the Radio August 5th

orange pill bottle in hands

This week Dr. Noah Kaufman, our Emergency Room Doc from Poudre Valley Hospital joins Murf. Dr. Kaufman explains that Emergency Room Doctors go through a special training to give them a broad perspective that allows them to work on a variety of health issues, yet specialize on critical concerns; heart attack, stroke, etc.  Some people refer to these docs as Emergentologists. Noah shares some tips on when and where to go should you need medical assistance. Learn about some of the things that he has seen in his practice and how this has affected his perspective on life and death.

In our second segment, Noah and Murf talk about one of our countries most significant health problems. Every 20 minutes, someone in the US dies from prescription narcotic overdose. We learn how significant this problem is in our society, and what the current philosophy is to deal with it.  Did you realize that as opioids block pain in the body, that they actually create a pain buildup as time goes by. Hence, the longer someone is on opioids, the more challenging it is to get off of them. Noah strongly encourages us to take responsibility for our own health and try to avoid opioids at all costs.

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