Live on the Radio August 12th

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In our first segment, Murphy visits with Dr. Mesha-Gay Brown, an Asst. Professor of Neurology at UC Health.  Dr. Brown’s clinical practice involves the evaluation and treatment of adults with epilepsy and seizures.  She also participates in the Adult Diet Clinic at UC Health, one of only about 10 of these centers around the world to utilize nutrition as a treatment for epilepsy.  Dr. Brown explains many of the details of epilepsy:  what does it entail, what are the symptoms, how is epilepsy treated, is it genetic?  Because of the individuality of the disease, Dr. Brown says that treatment may involve multiple disciplines.  Learn about the new Adult Diet Clinic for epilepsy utilizing a ketogenic diet.  Dr. Brown would like to give special thanks to Diane Rosenthal for her support of the Adult Epilepsy Diet Clinic.

Skip Guarini, a friend and golfing buddy of Murf’s, drops in to talk about the importance of getting involved once you retire.  After 40 years in the safety field, Skip sold his business and retired.  He knew he needed to find something that helps him stay young; stay energized and make him feel good.  The crew talks about the fact that you have to get up in the morning and have a purpose. Find something that fits your own interests and personal desires.  Learn what volunteer activities Skip has chosen.  You can always call the Area Agency on Aging for additional volunteer ideas.

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