Live on the Radio August 19th

nurse performing cpr on mannequin

AJ and Amy from the Area Agency on Aging join the crew to discuss a new program in partnership with UC Health.  AJ is a Senior Management Analyst and Amy is the Manager of Case Management and Transitions at AAA.  This new program is designed to test the concept of managing the care of UC Health patients in the community in addition to the care they receive in the hospital or clinic.  Area Agency on Aging will test a small group of UC Health patients in their homes, to insure their stability, assist them to stay in their homes longer, and to maintain their independence.  The study will evaluate the success of treating patients in the community along with a cost analysis of the savings associated with the program.  Once successful, they hope to expand to a larger populace.

Murf and Jayla welcome Kristin Hildebrand.  Kristin has been a practicing nurse for many years and she currently works at Good Samaritan Hospital in Lafayette as the Simulation Coordinator.  So what is simulation in healthcare?  Just like simulation in flying, it is a method by which nurses can learn their trade through simulation before working directly with patients.  Kristin explains this is done in part through the use of high fidelity manikins.  Working with these manikins provides the student nurses a more comfortable and safer environment.  The advantage is significant.  They can immediately repeat a test if it didn’t go well.  Further, they can do a debriefing after a session to discuss performance and results.  This concept is expanding in use with current nurses to maintain their expertise and to train new procedures.

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