Live on the Radio September 2nd

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Loren Bell, from Jayla’s staff, discusses the Area Agency for Aging’s recent addition to their services of the State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) for Arapahoe, Jefferson and Douglas counties.  As Loren explains, SHIP provides Medicare beneficiaries with objective information, counseling, and enrollment assistance to Medicare.  Murf and Jayla note how complicated and challenging it is for people to select their health care benefits.  It is very important that people find the personalized plans that meet their healthcare and lifestyle needs.  With open enrollment coming up between Oct 15th and Dec 7th, if you have any questions, please call Loren and her staff for a free and unbiased in-depth, one-on-one insurance counseling and assistance with your Medicare questions.

Dr. Noah Kaufman, our emergency room doc from Poudre Valley Hospital, joins Murf to talk about healthcare and genetics.  Noah explains that genetics with be key to future of personalized treatment and medications.  We are all different and unique.  That is where the “art” of medical treatment comes in.  In the future, doctors will look at our DNA to determine the best treatments and medications for us.  Just like medications, Dr. Kaufman discusses that we should listen to our bodies to find out what healthy foods feel best to us.  His best recommendation, stay away from the sweet, sugary foods and drinks.

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