Live on the Radio September 30th

granola bar and nutrition facts

Tia Sauceda introduces Murphy and Jayla to Dementia Friendly Denver.  This is a national program (Dementia Friendly America) of which Denver is one of the early adaptors.  The organization is a nonprofit whose vision is to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia and their caregivers.  Tia explains that the program has created 7 initiatives to reach out to the community.  Education is the key, and their program hopes to educate businesses, family caregivers, restaurants and hotels and government employees.  The organization has also developed a resource guide and they will be developing a dementia wallet card.

Ann Wolters, our Certified Nutrition Therapists, returns to explain how to read food labels and why that is important.  70% of the American diet comes from processed foods.  So what are the key issues you should be aware of?  You might be surprised by Ann’s first recommendation.  It’s not sugar, but sugar is 2nd and that’s because sugar is probably the most inflammatory food available and contributory to many diseases including heart disease.  What about the fat-free conversation that has been around for years?  Ann also explains to us that nutrition labelling is going to change next year.

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