Live on the Radio October 7th

ambulance with blue background

Cathy Raley, Communications Manager for the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office, tells us about the functioning of 911 and answers many of our questions.  What happens when you call 911 for a medical or other emergency?  What do you need to know when you call 911?  Why do they continue to ask for your address?  What happens if you call from a cell phone?  Cathy gives us a good understanding of how 911 system works and how extensive the training is to become a 911 dispatcher.

Cheryl Krause-Parello, the founder of Canines Providing Assistance to Wounded Warriors, and Allison Boyrer join Murf and Jayla to talk about a “senior’s best friend”; a dog or other pet. Cheryl explains why pets are so beneficial for us both mentally and physically.  We also get an update on C-P.A.W.W. and what motivated Cheryl to begin this scientific research.  Allison also talks about the variety of ways you can adopt a pet, or just experience the benefits of being around other animals.

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