Live on the Radio October 14th

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Murphy and Jayla welcome Andres Guerrero, Manager of the Prescription Drug Overdose Prevention Unit for the Colorado Department of Health.  Andres enlightens us about the expanding opioid crisis in Colorado.   From young people to the elderly, from metropolitan to rural, this is a dramatic problem for our State.  The problem began when doctors desire to eliminate patient pain with medications that they did not realize were addictive.  What are opioids?  Why are they addictive and what are the side effects of withdrawal?  Andres also informs us about the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program and how it can help prevent addition and overdose.

We are pleased to visit with Dan Cohen, the founder and Executive Director of Music & Memory.  Music and Memory is a nonprofit organization that promotes the use of personalized music to improve the lives of the elderly and infirm.  We tend to take music for granted yet music connects our emotional system for people who have declined mentally with dementia or other diseases.  Personalized music also sparks one’s memory and often there is a residual effect.  Dan strives to educate doctors and others that we should consider music as a form of “medicine”.  Music and Memory operates in 4,500 long-term care homes, hospices and other locations.  The documentary “Alive Inside” dramatically portrays the effects of this program and shouldn’t be missed.

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