Live on the Radio October 21st

flu shot reminder written on calendar

It’s that time of year again.  Flu season is coming upon us.  Our Dr. Noah Kaufman joins Murf and Jayla to talk about the importance of getting the flu shot.  This could be a serious year for the flu.  Once you get the shot, how long does it take to become effective?  What are the recommendations regarding the spray vs. the shot?  Find out about the recommended changes in ages for children to get the shot.  If you haven’t had the shot, go get one!

Meet Rick and Traci Edmondson.  Rick had a stressful position as the Hub Director for United Express at Dulles Airport.  After moving back to Colorado, Rick was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease last year at age 57.  Rick and Traci tell us a about the challenging year they have had as they seek to manage Rick’s disease.  Learn about the signs and symptoms that they initially noticed.  What are they currently doing to manage Rick’s disease?  How are they dealing with this devastating diagnosis and how do they cope?  This interview should not be missed!

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