Live on the Radio October 28th

climate change lush field to dry desert

Murf, Jayla and our Ninja Doc, Dr. Noah Kaufman visit with a very special guest, Dr. Anson Hines.  Dr. Hines is the Director of the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, located on the Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis, MD.  Dr. Hines gives us a good overview of the current status of climate change.  Learn why fossil fuels cause this problem and how scientists know this is not just normal cyclical climate adjustments.  Are these recent storms caused by climate change?  Dr. Hines also gives us insight in to what we can do personally to address this problem.

In our second segment, Dr. Kaufman relates how climate change is affecting our health and wellness, even here in Colorado.  It is fascinating how just a 2 degree change in world temperature can have such a far reaching effect on our environment.  Not only does this relate to humans, but animals and insects as well.  You may be surprised at some of these factors that increase health concerns for all of us.

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