Live on the Radio November 4th

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Jayla and Murf welcome Linda Holloway, the co-founder and director of Bessie’s Hope (formerly Rainbow Bridge).  The only program of its kind in the country, Bessie’s Hope works with “at-risk” youth from preschool to high school in a volunteer environment to meet and develop long-term relationships with people in nursing homes.  Linda tells us that 60% of nursing home elders receive no guests or companionship.  Bessie’s Hope provides “their kids” training in valuable skills such as communication and combines it with the concept that they are important and wanted.  For the nursing home residents, it is a “miracle”.

Maro Casparian, the Director of Consumer Fraud for the Denver District Attorney’s Office, is our second guest.  Maro is responsible for managing the Communities Against Senior Exploitation project which provides support and information surrounding elder fraud, neglect and exploitation.  Learn about the Number 1 goal for scammers that triggers a response from their victims. What are some of the methods you can use to prevent being scammed?  Maro also gives us some thoughts about how to deal with the “Equifax Mess”.

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