Live on the Radio November 18th

carton of eggs with food safety post it note

Thanksgiving is next week!  Murf and Jayla introduce Troy Huffman to talk to us about food safety.  Troy is the coordinator of the State of Colorado’s retail food team for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.  Troy brings out several risk factors when preparing food.  Where is the food coming from?  How is the personal hygiene of the people preparing the food?  Are you thawing your foods properly, cooking your foods hot enough in preparation and keeping your food cold enough in storage?  Are you washing your hands properly and enough?  Then there is the question of those great leftovers.  How long should you keep them?

Have you ever heard of a Traumatologist?   Meet Dr. Jason Stoneback, Director of the Limb Restoration Program at the University of Colorado.  Dr. Stoneback explains that a Traumatologist is an Orthopedic Surgeon that specializes in bad bone injuries and areas such as complex fractures, limb-length discrepancies, deformity correction and limb restoration.  Jason says it’s all about the team of specialists working together to create a better outcome for the patient.  Patients with diabetes are a large part of their practice. Rheumatory Arthritis patients are another example of patients that are treated by Dr. Stoneback’s group.  If you, your family or friends need help in this area, Jason explains you are never too young or too old for their services.

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