Live on the Radio December 2nd

fraud alert note on wooden table

Murf welcomes back Cary Johnson, Director of Crime Prevention in the 1st District Attorney’s Office. Cary assisted with the creation and launching of the “Communities Against Senior Exploitation” (CASE) for the Denver District Attorney’s Office in 2002 and continues that program in Jefferson/Gilpin Counties District Attorney’s Office.  The program now reaches all ages with ID theft and scam prevention information.  Cary gives us some great tips to prevent fraud and crime whether shopping at the mall or online.  Find out how crooks try to exploit us in parking lots and what to do to prevent it.  Learn some of the safety tips that make shopping online a better experience.  Cary also gives us fraud and crime prevention recommendations on a variety of subjects.  Learn about Cary’s 5 Red Flags to prevent online or phone fraud.  Excellent recommendations for all of us.

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