Live on the Radio December 9th

medical bill with stethoscope on table

Jayla and Murf welcome Dr. Andy Wagner from Dispatch Health.  Dr. Wagner is the VP of Operations of Dispatch Health, a company that provides on-demand urgent care in the comfort of your home.  Ever need to get urgent health care treatment but don’t want the time or cost associated with going to an emergency room?  Dispatch Health may be the service for you.  The service is not for time sensitive emergency needs, but issues that need to be dealt with sooner rather than later.  Dispatch Health can provide 60% of the services you would receive in an emergency room.   Dr. Wagner explains to us how you can be treated in your home in approximately 1 ½ hours at considerably less cost than an emergency room.  The company accepts most major insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Meet David Silverstein.  He is the Founder of Broken Healthcare, a non-profit organization which is fighting to change the healthcare system, initially through enforced price transparency.  Can this be true?  You must listen to David’s personal story and the exciting path that his program is taking.  Find out how Broken Healthcare can help people fight back and dispute their bills when hospitals and other providers are not transparent in their pricing.

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