Live on the Radio December 16th

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Dr. Lotta Granholm from the Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging at the University of Denver joins Jayla and Murf.  Dr. Granholm, whose background is in neuroscience, explains that the institute is a new and experimental program at DU.  Extremely innovative, the main focus of the Institute is to create interdisciplinary research groups to promote healthy aging.  These are not the normal associations one might make when thinking about healthy aging.  Consider combining the disciplines of business, or engineering, or law, maybe financial services in conjunction with concerns associated with aging.  In the future, Dr. Granholm suggested that your financial advisor might be working with your Dr. to guide your future success.  What does she think is the most important factor in staying healthy as you age?  Stay active.

Our Jayla, the Director of the Area Agency on Aging at DRCOG, updates us on her trip to Washington, D.C. this week.  The initial purpose for the trip was to ask for additional funding for seniors as our community is growing rapidly.  However, that message rapidly changed to “PASS THE BUDGET!”  Listen as Jayla explains how this funding from D.C. works and how it dramatically affects the lives of seniors in our community.  Questions like, will they have to shut down Meals on Wheels? If you like the work that the Area Agency on Aging does, then get in front of your Representatives and let them know how you feel.  THIS IS SERIOUS!

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