Live on the Radio December 23rd

older woman painting on canvas in the park

Can you dance?  Do you paint?  How about acting?  If not, maybe with the New Year these are activities you can get involved in.  Meet Chris Stevens, the Cultural Coordinator for the City of Greenwood Village.  Chris explains to us the myriad of ways we can get involved with the arts and the research that indicates involvement in the arts is a key to healthy aging.  Chris states that there are 2 ways to participate.  One way is as an observer of the arts; going to plays, concerts, museums, etc.  The other way is to engage in the arts; taking classes, group participation, etc.   Research shows that both of these paths provide great benefits to us as we age.  If you have never been involved, consider getting involved in the New Year.

This week, Jayla educates us regarding DRCOG, Denver Regional Council of Governments.  It is an association of 56 local governments that deals with regional problems in our metro area.  Learn about its 3 major departments; Planning, Transportation, and the Area Agency on Aging.  Jayla is the Director of the Area Agency on Aging, and their primary motivation is to help you stay independent in your home for as long as possible.

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