Live on the Radio December 30th

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Jayla brings Kyra from her staff today to talk about the PACE Ombudsman program at DRCOG.  Kyra is the 1st PACE Ombudsman in the Denver Metro Area.  Kyra explains that PACE, or Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly, is designed to provide all of a senior’s care at a day care center.  The purpose is to keep people living in their community and avoid placing them in a nursing home.  The qualifications for participating in PACE are; 55 years and older, living in certain metro zip codes, and meeting nursing home level of care.  Because the PACE Program recently was opened up to for profit companies, the PACE Ombudsman program at DRCOG was created to represent the clients and to make sure they are getting the care and services that they really need.

FLU…yes, our own No Copay Doc, Dr. Noah Kaufman, gives us the latest details about the flu season this year in Colorado and it sounds like it is going to be a doozy.  Doctors are most worried about children and older adults.  The virus this year is the H3N2 virus.  Learn about the symptoms to be aware of.  Is the flu shot effective this year?  Is it ever too late to get the shot?  When should you go to the ER?  What to do to help prevent getting the flu or spreading it to your family?

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