Live on the Radio January 20th

norovirus sign held by doctor

Murf and Jayla welcome back to our friend, Bob Murphy.  Bob is the State Director of AARP Colorado which has almost 700,000 members.  Bob introduces us to their Age Friendly Community Network.  This is a program designed to encourage residents, businesses and especially policy makers to put plans in place to allow people to age in their own homes.  Learn about many of the issues and challenges that need to be considered.  AARP provides policy makers 8 domains for consideration to plan their future communities.  These include areas such as affordable housing, transportation, communications, socialization opportunities, etc.  Fortunately we have Bob and his team advocating our state and local governments in support of these policies.

Back again for another discussion that you need to hear is our Ninja Doc, Noah Kaufman, an ER doc from the Poudre Valley Hospital.  This week he is explaining Norovirus, the most common type of stomach flu.  Although it only lasts 12-48 hours, it is very contagious and intense.  As doc explains, this can lead to even more serious problems such as dehydration and electrolyte problems.  Heart problems, high heartrates, muscle cramps can accompany the standard symptoms of stomach flu.  If this happens to you, go to the ER!  Best way to avoid catching Norovirus?  Wash your hands frequently, use alcohol substrates like Purell.

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