Live on the Radio January 27th

vitamins in glass jars on table

Do you often think about how to make changes in your life?  What about planning your retirement?  Our guest today, Bill Frank, founder and president of CareerLab, focuses on career planning, executive coaching and career transition.  Bill gives us some tools to help us make decisions about our future.  He notes that often changes in life are small subtle adjustments, not major changes.  Bill provides us with a simple chart to help us in our planning.  You may access his chart at  This is something all of us can use regardless of our age.  Give it a try!

Our good friend, Ann Wolter returns to educate us about nutritional supplements. Known as the Healthy Lush because she is passionate about food, wine and health, Ann is a Certified Nutrition Therapist and founder of Wolter Wellness.  Ann explains that supplements are a key to our health.  Why?  Because our food just isn’t as nutritious as it used to be.  In addition our environment limits the amount of natural supplementation available to our bodies.  Further, our poor diets complicate the issue.  Are you part of the 1% that eats 7-9 servings of fruit and vegetables per day?  If not, we strongly suggest you listen to Ann before you go to Natural Foods and get overly confused.  Also learn about a couple of vitamins and herbal supplements to avoid.

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