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Podcast Episode 21: Bidets and Space Seeds

This past week, news headlines came out telling you how not to raise narcissistic kids.  What do the studies actually show?  Also this week, a study out of Australia claims that homeopathic treatments don’t actually work.  Dr. John and Murphy tell you all about it. Our trade secret this week is all about bidets.  Ever wondered why so many Europeans […]

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Podcast Episode 17: Lung cancer in women and how much pharmaceutical companies spend on advertisements

This week on No Copay Radio, Dr. John talks about why lung cancer is the number one cause of cancer-death for women.  Should we shift the focus away from breast cancer to lung cancer?  What can reduce your chances of getting lung cancer? Also, Dr. John and his cohost discuss the possible effects of marijuana on the teenage population.  What […]

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Podcast Episode 14: Why sitting is bad for your health and Dr. John’s recap of the State of the Union Address

Dr. John gives us the low down on exactly why sitting is so bad for us.  He also talks about recent headlines that claim that women are better marathon runners than men (it isn’t what you’re likely expecting). For this week’s trade secret, there is fungus among us.  Have you ever sat down and seriously considered your fingernails? Probably not, […]

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Podcast Episode 12: Promising new antibiotics and why 6 people in the US die from alcohol poisoning every day

This week, Dr. John covers recent headlines on a new type of antibiotic that researchers have found.  He also covers the surprising amount of deaths that occur every day due to alcohol poisoning.  The demographic in most danger might surprise you.   For his trade secret, Dr. John talks about the wide world of “super” foods and why they might […]

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