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Podcast Episode 14: Why sitting is bad for your health and Dr. John’s recap of the State of the Union Address

Dr. John gives us the low down on exactly why sitting is so bad for us.  He also talks about recent headlines that claim that women are better marathon runners than men (it isn’t what you’re likely expecting). For this week’s trade secret, there is fungus among us.  Have you ever sat down and seriously considered your fingernails? Probably not, […]

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Podcast Episode 12: Promising new antibiotics and why 6 people in the US die from alcohol poisoning every day

This week, Dr. John covers recent headlines on a new type of antibiotic that researchers have found.  He also covers the surprising amount of deaths that occur every day due to alcohol poisoning.  The demographic in most danger might surprise you.   For his trade secret, Dr. John talks about the wide world of “super” foods and why they might […]

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Podcast Episode 10: Happy New Year!

This week’s headlines were all abuzz with news on the FDA’s recent recommendation to lift the blood donation ban on men who have had sexual intercourse with other men.  What does this mean for the future?  Also, it might turn out that lifting weights daily actually burns more fat than the equivalent amount of cardio exercise.  What does this mean […]

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Podcast Episode 8: NHL’s got the mumps, Chikungunya, how to predict your lifespan, and a Christmas-themed Medical Moment

This past week, Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburg Penguins became the most recent NHL player to be diagnosed with the mumps in this weird outbreak.  How are all of these players getting the same virus?  How did Crosby get the virus if he was already vaccinated against the mumps? Also in the news, the mysterious and oddly-named Chikungunya virus.  What is it? […]

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