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Podcast Episode 6: Forced calorie counting, the morcellator, and genetic testing.

A new week brings a new guest! This week Dr. John is joined by his editor/producer to talk about the recent headlines.  Together, they talk about the new rule that stores with 20+ sites will have to display their calorie content and the FDA’s warning against a medical device that has been spreading cancer in patients. This week’s trade secret […]

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Podcast Episode 5: Dangerous Aussie animals, starring guest Dr. Martin Graves from Australia

We took a week off to work on a special episode. This week stars our very first guest, Dr. Martin Graves, your friendly neighborhood Australian physician. He helps us figure out how dangerous the animals of Australia really are.  Do the folks “down under” live in constant fear? Or is that just a rumor from the Northern Hemisphere? Tune in and […]

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Podcast Episode 4: Working on the night shift and the Salem witch trials

News headlines last week talked about how working the night shift can age your brain.  In this episode, Dr. John goes into detail about what this actually means and if you should be worried.  He also covers the recent research on how gut bacteria can influence your weight. This week’s trade secret is all about granny smith apples.  Are they the […]

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No Copay Radio Podcast Episode 1

In our inaugural episode, Dr. John jumps right into talking about the recent headlines on Ebola.  The big question is, should we be freaking out? or is this whole thing blown out of proportion?  Dr. John gives us the inside scoop on how scary Ebola actually is and why we might want to be more concerned with a virus closer […]

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