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Live on the Radio August 5th

orange pill bottle in hands

This week Dr. Noah Kaufman, our Emergency Room Doc from Poudre Valley Hospital joins Murf. Dr. Kaufman explains that Emergency Room Doctors go through a special training to give them a broad perspective that allows them to work on a variety of health issues, yet specialize on critical concerns; heart attack, stroke, etc.  Some people refer to these docs as […]

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Live on the Radio July 29th

old woman sitting alone at window

Jeffrey Nathanson, an entrepreneur in the health industry and President of 10.10.10 joins us with a fascinating story about the concepts:  10 Perspective CEO’s, 10 Wicked Problems, in 10 Days.  Here’s the concept.  10.10.10 selects 10 Wicked Problems that they don’t think government or non-profits will solve.  They then recruit 10 experienced CEO’s who are looking for their next major […]

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Live on the Radio July 22nd

homeless old man on bus bench

Ted Pascoe, Executive Director of Senior Support Services, joins Jayla and Murphy in today’s first interview.  Ted explains the vast scope of Senior Support Services, Denver’s only day shelter for hungry and homeless seniors.  In addition to serving 3 meals each day, they provide a variety of services for their clients:  help clients get affordable housing, transportation, access to healthcare […]

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Live on the Radio July 15th

old man entering subway car

Jayla’s boss, Doug Rex, joins us this week. Doug is the Acting Director of the Denver Regional Council of Governments, and also leads the transportation, planning and operations division of the organization. Doug tells us about DRCOG; it’s not government, it’s not industry, it’s a volunteer association of the 56 local governments in the Denver Metro Region. Representatives from all […]

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Live on the Radio July 8th

gavel on legal document

Peter Komlos-Hrobsky introduces Murf and Jayla to Colorado Legal Services. Peter has been with the organization since 1990 and supervises the Health/Elder Law and Public Benefits units. The organization is a non-profit that provides low income and seniors over 60 high-quality, civil legal services in Colorado. Peter explains the patchwork of general civil legal work they provide to include areas […]

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Live on the Radio July 1st

water bottles with white background

Back with us this week is Dr. Noah Kaufman, an Emergency Room doc at the UC Health Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, and our own American Ninja Warrior Doc. In our first segment, Noah gives us valuable health tips for summers in Colorado. Learn more about dehydration, some of the symptoms you should recognize and misconceptions people have about […]

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Live on the Radio June 24th

glass globe and stethoscope on table

Murf and Jayla have an extensive discussion this week with Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal. Currently the editor-in-chief of Kaiser Health News, Dr. Rosenthal is an ER doctor, a journalist for the New York Times for 22 years, and has recently completed her book, An American Sickness, How Healthcare Became Big Business and How You Can Take It Back. Dr. Rosenthal provides […]

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