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Podcast Episode 48: The War on Prosthetics

Join us for Part 2 of our Washington, D.C. health policy coverage with Rebecca Holliman, M.S. In this episode, Dr. John and Mark Koebrich get the inside scoop on movement on the Hill around restricting medical coverage to get amputees prosthetic limbs.  Is this the future of health insurance? Why would Medicare restrict healthcare for so many veterans and other amputees? […]

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Podcast Episode 46: Cancer Immunotherapy: the Next Frontier

In this week’s episode, Dr. John and Murphy are joined by Dr. Wells Messersmith from the University of Colorado Cancer Center. Dr. Messersmith is a pioneer in the field of cancer immunotherapy and tells us all about why this new method of treating cancer is so exciting. If you would like to learn more about cancer immunotherapy, visit for a […]

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Podcast Episode 44: Dr. John interviews Dr. Chris Williams, a neurologist on the forefront of CTE

If you’ve been to the theater, watched the news, or watched an episode of Friday Night Tykes, you’ve probably heard a bit about CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy).  The NFL is under fire for the danger that its players face from repeated head injuries, and recent news suggests that the danger may start before a football player reaches the pros. In […]

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