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Podcast Episode 25: Johns Hopkins in hot water, the MIND diet, and medical diet clinics

Johns Hopkins has been in hot water this past week over experiments in Guatemala in the 1940’s and 50’s.  The school is being sued for $1 billion for allegedly being involved in deliberate infection of Guatemalans with STDs.  What’s going on? Dr. John and Murphy talk about the allegations and how medical ethics have changed over the past 50+ years. […]

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Podcast Episode 6: Forced calorie counting, the morcellator, and genetic testing.

A new week brings a new guest! This week Dr. John is joined by his editor/producer to talk about the recent headlines.  Together, they talk about the new rule that stores with 20+ sites will have to display their calorie content and the FDA’s warning against a medical device that has been spreading cancer in patients. This week’s trade secret […]

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Podcast Episode 5: Dangerous Aussie animals, starring guest Dr. Martin Graves from Australia

We took a week off to work on a special episode. This week stars our very first guest, Dr. Martin Graves, your friendly neighborhood Australian physician. He helps us figure out how dangerous the animals of Australia really are.  Do the folks “down under” live in constant fear? Or is that just a rumor from the Northern Hemisphere? Tune in and […]

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