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Podcast Episode 45: Zika Update, Opioids, and the Toughest Man in History

Ever take a splinter out on your own? Probably. Ever take out your own appendix while stranded in Antarctica? Only if your name is Leonid Rogozov.  Dr. John geeks out about this historical tough-guy and the amazing, if a little gross, feat he accomplished. But first, Dr. John is joined in this episode with a new co-host, Mark Koebrich! Welcome, […]

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Podcast Episode 8: NHL’s got the mumps, Chikungunya, how to predict your lifespan, and a Christmas-themed Medical Moment

This past week, Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburg Penguins became the most recent NHL player to be diagnosed with the mumps in this weird outbreak.  How are all of these players getting the same virus?  How did Crosby get the virus if he was already vaccinated against the mumps? Also in the news, the mysterious and oddly-named Chikungunya virus.  What is it? […]

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Podcast Episode 4: Working on the night shift and the Salem witch trials

News headlines last week talked about how working the night shift can age your brain.  In this episode, Dr. John goes into detail about what this actually means and if you should be worried.  He also covers the recent research on how gut bacteria can influence your weight. This week’s trade secret is all about granny smith apples.  Are they the […]

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